iPhone 6 vs iPhone 7

You love smartphones, right? Well, everyone does. Today, it is not all about having a smartphone, but having the best. Besides, nobody hates setting the trend. Apple is a reputable company that produces arguably one of the best smartphones in the market.

Recently, they released what they termed as the ‘Giant’ smartphone; the Iphone 7. The company expects people with the iphone 6 to upgrade, but, is the difference between these two devices worth your hard- earned cash?Iphone 7 vs iphone 6Let us explore these two devices based on various factors. Design in terms of dimensions, the iphone 7 measures 138*67*7.1mm and weighs 138g while iphone 6 measures 138*67*6.9 and weighs 128g meaning that it is 10g lighter.

Both devices feature the Apple’s proprietary lightning port. Whereas iphone 6 uses it for charging, iphone 7 depends on it for audio.Iphone 7 is the highest rated iphone with IP67 certification. This is a plus compared to its predecessor; iphone 6.

You probably prefer having various colors to choose from while purchasing a smartphone. Well, iphone 6 comes in the traditional grey color whereas iphone 7 has several colors to choose from i.e. black, jet black, silver, gold and rose gold models.DisplayBoth devices feature a display of 4.7 in 1 (334*750) 326ppi resolution.

However, Apple claims that iphone 7 is 25% brighter than iphone 6. It also features 3D touch technology that allows it to detect different degrees of pressure, a feature absent in iphone 6.Operating SystemIphone 7 uses the new IOS 10 while iphone 6 uses IOS 8. However, an upgrade for iphone 6 to IOS 10 is available.ProcessorIphone 7 features a 64- bit A10 dual- core, 2.4 GHz with 2GB RAM while iphone 6 features a 64- bit A8 dual core 1.4 GHz with IGB RAM. Therefore in terms of speed, iphone 7 takes the day. It is armed with the new A10 processor which is said to be the fastest chip in any smartphone.CameraIphone 7 has a whopping 12MP with 6- element lens and f/1.8 aperture rear camera and a 7MP front camera. Iphone 6 has an 8MP rear camera with f/2.2 aperture with no image stabization feature and a 1.2MP front camera.

Comparing the two, iphone 7 is the ideal phone if you love photography.BatteryIphone 7 has a 1960mAh battery while iphone 6 has 1810mAh battery. This means that iphone 7 has the ability to serve you two more hours than iphone 6. However, critics argue that Apple does not provide the best batteries for their high- performance smartphones.StorageNo one loves a smartphone with a low storage capacity. Iphone 7 comes in 32GB, 128GB and 256GB storage capacities while iphone 6 comes with 16GB, 64GB and 128GB storage capacities. This means that iphone 6 has limited choices compared to iphone 7 not forgetting Iphone 7 features a 2GB RAM while iphone 6 features a 1GB RAM.


It is evident that new smartphones we have today are much more improved than what we used to have years back. If you are looking at your iphone 6 and thinking it is the best, think again. To be fair enough, iphone 7 is a true improvement of iphone 6 in almost every aspect. If you love style, speed, storage and improved image quality in a smartphone, iphone 7 is a great deal for you. If you are tired of owning an iphone that only comes with one color, be different. Upgrade to iphone 7 which comes with a range of different colors to suit your preferences.

Iphone accessories

If you purchased that iPhone of yours from a local shop or online, it will accompany a portion of the fundamental accessories like USB wires, battery, clean fabric and possibly a telephone case. However, following several months you will know the need of some accessories. The accessories are essential or helpful to upgrade the execution of iPhone. In this manner, it is good and important to take after the latest patterns and pick the right accessories whenever.

Because iphones have proven to be generally popular thing on the user electronic and PC advertise, it is no worry that there are various iphone accessories which have debuted available. Presently, some might be void of the approach of the accessories seeing a significant number of the accessories as unnecessary. However, there are various vital accessories that provide incredible value to broadening the life of the iphone. Without a doubt, the owners of the iphone genuinely need to consider taking legitimate care of the iphone and its accessories in order to keep up the functionality of the iphone.

Shielding and Maintaining Iphone Accessories

Iphone accessories are not going to be worth much to you or your iphone’s functioning if they are not properly kept up. Essentially owning iphone accessories guarantees that they will perform perfectly. Consider the following: if you leave your iphone accessories by an open window and it rains, the accessories will be decimated. What’s more, guess what? It is a devastation of sweeping items that could have clearly been effectively been avoided. In all actuality, the illustration provided is somewhat extraordinary. There is a good, however, to the illustration provided: if you are going to put into a progression of critical accessories, they should be properly dealt with or the money venture on the accessories, as well as the iphone too, will be utterly squandered.

Managing Iphone Accessories

Of course, there will be those who feel that iphone accessories might be somewhat out of their financial plan of affordability. In order to purchase those items that are needed, one needs to clearly and adequately decide on what accessories are of vital importance to purchase. At the close of the day, the consumer might take a gander at a collective of accessories and deem the collective as excessively costly as restricted, making it impossible to making a decision in light of eliminating those accessories that are not important to purchase. In order to drive at this decision, one ought to separate those items that are helpful in the iphone’s operation, for example, battery chargers versus those items that are not so much necessary, for example, conveying cases. Additionally, a scanning of consumer electronics review destinations may provide understanding into what products to purchase and which ones to avoid.


Regardless of whether you purchased your iPhone online locally , it doesn’t matter, and what you ought to know that you should to purchase those iPhone accessories from Apple store specifically. Along these lines, you can ensure that those accessories purchased can fit your iPhone that own or they are of good quality. You can likewise discover special and novel logos saying “works with iPhone” on the bag of the accessories, which ensures that will be especially compatible with every one of the gadgets of iPhone in order to function admirably with it. What’s more, moreover, they are certified.

What should I buy? – iPhone vs Android

You’re walking in the downtown of your city and suddenly, you see an iPhone and an Android – both of them in the same store – and you ask yourself: “What would be a great choice?”

For years, people have always been comparing these two types of OS, but today, this article will answer all of your questions about android and iPhone. So, let’s go there.

One of the first differences between “Android and iPhone” is the privacy software which iPhone offers. Opposite to Android, the iPhone OS just runs on devices manufactured by Apple. In the other side, Android can run on phones from differents brands like Samsung, Huawei, Blu, ZTE, etc. As a consequence, Android doesn’t have a Chief Executive Office to receive complaints about violation security as Apple owns. And why “Android” doesn’t have an “office” for these cases? Well, Android OS isn’t a phone manufacturer brand, it’s just an OS designed for companies which haven’t developed an own OS as Apple did.

That last point takes us to a new one, Hardware. As we said above, Android isn’t a phone manufacturer brand like for example Samsung, HTC, or Apple. Therefore, companies which run Android could have differents features on their phones. In addition to this, phones working with Android could be poor or high-quality devices. It’s like a lottery. But this isn’t the case of Apple. This company makes high-quality phones running their own OS named iPhone OS. If you buy an iPhone, you wouldn’t have to pray asking for a high-quality device.

What About The Store Of Android And iPhone? – Well, Android is a free software where developers can launch apps without quality standards, as well as apps with virus or trojans for your phone. Android Store, also known as Google Store offers a huge variety of apps for free, but sometimes cheap is expensive. Apple Store, also known as App Store is an application commanded by Apple with high-quality standards. Most of the apps on App store are secures and great.

These two types have different features, and the Android OS can change depending on the manufacturer brand. For example, Samsung contains features pretty differents to HTC, and Huawei. Anyway, iPhone always going to be an excellent, affordable, and reliable option for you as a customer of smartphones. Most of the Android versions are inspired in iPhone OS so we could say that the origin of the OS comes from Apple. Why would you acquire a copy version of something if you can get the original one almost by the same price?

The price of the iPhone sometimes isn’t cheap as another phone manufacturer but, you wouldn’t have to be worried about the quality of your acquisition.

Also, if you are a gamer – those who loves video games -, iPhone is an excellent option with an incredible RAM and SD Memory. The forward and back camera of the iPhone doesn’t have any kind of rival on the market.

If you haven’t been an iPhone user yet, the quality and software of it will result just incredible and amazing. Take a look at the Apple Official Page and watch the features of its last phone: 7.